Working After Graduation In Australia

The land down under is one of the hottest spots for working after graduation for many nationals. Of the international students who apply and graduate from Australian universities, many end up staying over and finding jobs to settle down in the country. The nice thing about graduating from Australia is that once you are done, you have a chance for getting to work in the specialty category jobs that they have a demand for international workers for. Depending on your criteria and skills, there are different visa types that you can apply for.

485 Skilled Graduate Temporary Visa

This is the most commonly seen type of work visa in Australia and international students can apply and get this visa after graduating for 18 months to gather work experience and find an employer to sponsor. Immigration lawyers advise students to gab this visa as soon as they graduate and look for a job in their specialty in order to actually find a potential sponsoring employer. Although you can hold multiple jobs with this visa, it can be hard to deal with the stress as well. You have to study at Australia for two years in order to apply for this visa type.

402 Training and Research Visa

This is a different option for international students in Australia to consider when looking for prospects after graduating. This visa allows students to actually improve their work skills for 24 months while being sponsored by an employer. If you can consult with your family law solicitors Parramatta they can help you draw up the contracts and other that the employers would ask you to go through when they want to sponsor you for this visa. It will be easier for international students to ask for this visa from a company or business they have already interned at or volunteered at.

487 Regional Sponsored Visa

This is the type of visa that you would need to consider when you want to go for permanent residency in Australia. This visa allows you to work for 3 years in a specialty area and slowly get established to apply for the residency visa.

887 Skilled Regional Residence Visa

This is the visa that allows you the position of permanent resident in the country where you can work and live in Australia permanently. For you to apply for this visa you need to have experience living in country for two years at least and in a good legal and banking levels. You will also need at least one year of work experience in the country and sufficient points for fulfilling the criteria in the points system.

There are different types of visas available depending on your requirement and your aim. For those who just want to work then going for one of the work visa types would be easier. But if you are aiming to grab residency, then you will need to work your way up.