Why Choose Gosford Quarries?

The history of the renowned Australian company Gosford Quarries dates back to the second decade of the twentieth century. It was in 1922 when the name was first introduced. Since then it has won the hearts of the people with its quality and performance. Although it is now more than a century but the company is still a name that is associated with the providing the best quality landscape supplies Melbourne and quarrying.

The story of success began in the coastal city of Gosford from where it gets the name.  Close to the central Coast of the New South Wales it started the journey of success. The early recognition was with the title The Hawkesbury Sandstone Co. At that time it was known for creating the most awesome form of sandstone available in the region at that time. It was called the Gosford Grey. The mentoring of Mr. Henry Perry made it a reliable name. The growth of the company continued until the World War II knocked n the doors. Though for some time in the war the company had to face problems but once the war was over the company rose to excellence in minimum expected time and created sandstone masterpieces in many major cities like Sydney.

Today the name is synonym to the best sandstone tiles Brisbane. Their products are bought and used all over the country by popular architects and engineers. The sandstone they offer comes in a number of colors. The day to day checking of the available options makes it produce the perfect sandstone for all purposes. Each of the products is tested and then sent into the market.

It is not just the small scale products that are using the sandstone by the Gosford Quarries but a number of extensive projects are known for using the same too. The government constructions, historical sites, popular public places all speak of the quality of the work rendered by this century old company. To tell the story of success and reliability the intended buyers must have a look at the popular sites using the sandstone by the said. These masterpieces that speak of the success story of the Gosford Quarries include Mary’s Cathedral, Parliament of Victoria, The Australian War Memorial, Sydney Town Hall, Sydney GPO and Melbourne’s ANZ Gothic Bank. This is just the glimpse of the success.  There is much more to see all over Australia that is evident of the quality work by the company.

There is more to enjoy in the future for the company believes in endeavoring hard to reach the highest limits. They have added more innovative minds along with the best technologies to get the best results.