Types Of Stickers

Stickers are an adhesive piece of text and art that can be fixed to any surface as    per the need.  They are used for adding color to the space, for advertising, for identification and much more. They also come in a number sizes and shapes. The stickers are usually classified on the basis of the materials used in the manufacturing of the stickers. Therefore they are classified as follows:

Vinyl stickers

The vinyl stickers are often easy to handle the way you want them to use. The vinyl sticker NYC have great stretch thus they can be applied in any way you want. They are a great choice for any surface due to this feature.  They have a longer life, great look and a smooth touch.

Removable glossy removable vinyl

These are easy to fix with their strong adhesive coating. It is very easy to paste them on any surface due to the bubble free egress technology. They can be used in all kinds of conditions because they are water proof and can be used even in the rain and humid conditions. If you need to replace them then these stickers   can be removed without leaving behind any sign of the adhesive. They are lively and eye catching.

White matte removable vinyl

If you don’t want the things to look too shiny and prefer subtle appearance then these kinds of stickers are for you.  They are great for the    aesthetic look as they become a part of the natural surroundings. It is also waterproof due to the vinyl coating. Except for the appearance it has all the traits of the glossy invitation printing NYC.

White glossy permanent vinyl

For those who want something permanent these stickers is a great choice. They are added with the adhesive that makes it difficult to remove once it gets fixed to the surface. They are preferred for the large industries and the places that have high temperatures. It is great for the outdoor usage as it can withstand all kinds of conditions.

Clear Removable Vinyl

Clear stickers are usually meant for the promotional purposes.  They are often seen on the devices. They are a great choice for the glass accessories and additions as they allow seeing through them easily and so they do not harm the beauty of the glass itself, instead feel like being a part of it.  They can be attached to any surface from the face and the back both.

The BOPP stickers

BOPP is the term used for Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene. It is a plastic based material that can be used in glossy or matte. They are usually for permanent fixture. It is easy to use any writing equipment on these kinds of stickers. They are usually used on the bottles containing perfumes, medicines etc that require a great deal of description and detail.  The BOPP stickers also come in the clear option.