Tips On Creating The Perfect Children’s Room

Somehow, though children are basically just like us, designing a room for them can be both fun and exhausting. This is because though we are given the freedom to let our imagination loose, we also need to make sure it’s something they will like. This can prove to be a little challenging as children tend to change their minds pretty often! If you are looking to create the perfect children’s room, and are feeling a little overwhelmed; then the below is for your benefit. Our experts have put together the tips that work best when it comes to designing a room for your children. Read ahead to find them…

Starting from ground upIt’s always a good idea to think of the flooring first. Whether it be their room tiles or the children’s bathroom tiles, it’s vital that you choose flooring that is easy to clean, is durable and can handle a little rough handling. Remember, chances are that your child will do his fair share of coloring and painting, glue work and even racing on his floor. If you are redesigning an already existing room, then we suggest you use vinyl or laminate flooring; as it’s affordable, easy to maintain, and can also be installed over most tiles in Sydney.Tip: carpeting both your child’s room and bathroom is a good idea. Though porcelain floor tiles work brilliantly for washrooms, they can be a little hard on delicate limbs. If not carpeting, consider opting for slip free bathroom mats.

 The walls, the themes and the decorationsThis here, is a tricky part. While selecting wall colors, you need to get your child’s input, for sure; but you also need to select “adult” versions of that color. Ultimately, this will affect a lot of things. Go easy with playing out his wishes when it comes to the theme. Instead of wall art, opt for posters; easily replaced once they get bored with it. Choosing “adult-ish” colors also helps to make your child’s room, a “growing” room; as they’ll be easier to morph into a teenager’s room as he grows.

   The furniture choosingJust like with the walls and the floors, it’s important that you pay attention to the furniture you buy as well. Though it’ll be tempting to buy him that odd shaped bed that’s designed after his favorite cartoon, you need to remember that he may not like that cartoon in a few months or years. Compromise. Get him bedsheets and throw pillows that have his favorite character, and opt for more adult like furniture. Remember, if you’re wise in your selection, your child will be able to use his childhood furniture even as an adult. Tip: children definitely have a lot of things…and they often make their rooms look cluttered. Opt for furniture that has a lot of storage options; especially if his room is on the small side.