Simplifying Internal Security

Just as you might take steps to prevent the theft of goods and important information related to your business, you also need to think about and take preventive measures against accidental losses and leaks. While theft related problems are issues resulting from your competitors or other unrelated people to you, the accidental damage or goods, loss or leakage of information, etc. is a problem that will arise from the insides of a company – that is, from your very own employees. You can’t also forget that your very own employees might sometimes not accidentally cause these losses – they may be deliberate.

While you may opt for plastic security seals Brisbane and similar tamper-evident and tamper-resistant security measures when taking theft preventive measures.

In the case of internal security options, a very good method to enhance security is to rely on a key management system. Basically defined, this is the management of all the physical keys related to your business. The management system enables you to restrict or allow the usage of keys to particular employees, thereby protecting the access to restricted and confidential areas.

A management system for your keys nowadays is not simply just a locked box with all the your keys – it goes beyond that as an electronic key box capable of allowing or denying access based on passwords and other recognition methods. Each key will often be assigned a separate key number, serial number or PIN; the employee who needs to obtain a particular key will need to know this identification code of the key he needs to obtain it from the key box. Since every key has a different identification number, this will mean that the employee will only be able to access the keys he knows the identification numbers of, and when obtaining one key, all the other keys will remain locked and inaccessible. This will prevent unauthorized access to other keys, especially in the case of lower level employees.

The number of keys that can be stored by this type of electronic key boxes will vary based on their models. Usually, most electronic key boxes are capable of storing at least 150 keys, but you will see that more expensive models can store numbers closer to the thousand. Furthermore, higher end models will also employ the use of RFID technology for each key, which will definitely improve the internal security of your business by a large margin.

Additionally, as an electronic key box is also capable of keeping you and other higher level managers within your company updated on who has accessed which keys, it will also be letting you know which areas have been accessed by employees and which haven’t. The key box does this by the record-keeping functions it also has – it will always record which keys have been accessed, at what times of the day and even information of employees if the key identification methods also include a method to identify the employees.