Hotels Vs Rentals – Which Is The Better Choice?

Serviced apartments have gained popularity as an ideal alternative to hotels, but what’s really the better choice? Read on below to find what suits your needs best!    •    Length of stay – the usual criterion for deciding between a serviced apartment or hotel is the length of stay. Usually, stays that are about three days long are better off being spent in a hotel, whereas weekly or monthly accommodation is better in a serviced apartment. The reason? You will usually find better rates at accommodation Melbourne CBD apartments the longer you stay; on the other hand, you don’t want to go through the hassle of buying groceries or cleaning and whatnot if you’re only going to be staying at the apartment for two or three days, in which case the hotel is the better option.

•    Families and other groups – another criterion for picking serviced apartments over hotels is the number or type of the group. Larger groups and families will find hotel stays troublesome due to the higher expenses (as they will have to pay for more rooms and suites). Families might also appreciate living together, instead of separate rooms (and in case you tend to rent out a single room for your entire family, you might on the other hand, appreciate the common spaces like the living room and kitchen that apartments offer). The option of cooking your own food as well as doing the laundry is also very attractive for families on vacation, especially if they have young kids.

•    Pets – your bets of finding pet friendly hotel Melbourne are much higher than finding pet friendly hotels. The luxury hotels will most often than not frown at having pets, and even if they are allowed, you might end up with discriminations on which pets or what sizes, etc. Service apartments might also charge you for bringing pets as hotels do (either a flat fee or per pet – it can depend on the apartment), but they are generally more friendly to the idea.

•    Housekeeping – don’t expect to have a maid or attendant come clean your apartment – service apartments can either ask of you to clean, or perform housekeeping services once or a few times a week at most. This can be an advantage to some who find the daily housekeeping services of the hotel annoying, but it can also be a disadvantage to those who appreciate such services (and especially hate cleaning).

•    Other services – serviced apartments might have a concierge, but you cannot expect a twenty-four-hour service from them as you would of a hotel’s staff. It is also quite common for these concierges to be absent at times, so in case you need to information on the places to visit or about the locale, or any other services that are common of hotels, serviced apartments might not be a good idea for you.