Bring Out The Best In Your Employees

Your employees are the life your organization and hence need to be nurtured and taken care of well. You need to build up a good atmosphere for them to work comfortably. Only then can you expect high productivity from them. So here are a few things you could do to make sure your employees are working to their highest potential.

1.    Make it feel like homeSome of the biggest companies make sure that the office environment is much as comfortable as home. Well, it is true that there should be a difference between home and work for employees to maintain home and work life balance; however that doesn’t mean office needs to be so formal and uncomfortable. You could include a mini fridge, a bar, plenty of couches and sunlight so that they feel cozy yet energized.

2.    Hire a great architectOffices no longer look like those boring buildings with plastic plants, magazines and books. Instead, now you’d see three-story high slides in the middle of the lobby in companies such as Google. Well, it might seem unlikely for you to get a slide right now; however you could make a big difference by changing the seating, furniture, lighting etc. Make it an exciting place for employees to come in everyday.

3.    Have playrooms and entertainment areasYou’d actually see playrooms for all levels of employees in creativity based companies. You could find toys, televisions, video games and even snacks at these areas. When scheduling your employees work using workforce management software, do keep in mind to let them have some free time.

4.    Take them to the great outdoorsNature could have surprising effects on people. Many researches have found that working outdoors could lighten up your mood and make you work with great enthusiasm. It might not be very practical to work in the garden under a tree all the time when you already have a perfectly fine office, however make it a point to go at least once a week. There was an architectural firm who actually took the entire office with them to the great outdoors. What they did was they built a bunker with all facilities so it could keep you out of the bugs and also let you have a stroll outside whenever you feel like. What they then discovered was that employee time attendance software wasn’t needed to schedule work since employees were already motivated and ready to work.

5.    PartyFinally, you need to have a good time with your employees. The bottom line is to get your employees mingling with each other and getting to know them. Let them feel comfortable so that they could easily fit in to the organizational culture. Facebook is one of the best examples since they have fully stocked bars in he building so that employees could have a good time on a weekly basis.